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Scorpio Compatibility With Pisces. Closure is a gift you give to yourself, Capricorn, and Jupiter in Sagittarius lets you end, release, and surrender what no longer serves you.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Ask the universe for help where you need it, and divine companionship will be yours. Saturn is touring through Capricorn, which helps your identity take careful form as you work at being your most integrity-driven. After working your water-bearing butt off all year, you want to reunite with friends and build your favorite thing—community.

Jupiter in Sagittarius empowers you to find beautiful belonging with your loved ones. Saturn in Capricorn, meanwhile, is ready to help you dismantle your occasional crisis of confidence and worthiness—but only if you allow it. Ready for lift off, Pisces? The career dreams you desire are yours this year, and your rise to the top of the aquarium is inevitable. Jupiter in Sagittarius manifests optimistic intentions and strategies for success.

Pair up with friends whose work ethic inspires you, and together your collaborative resonance will make more happen for you than you ever thought possible. Type keyword s to search. By Colin Bedell. Prosperity in education and travel. Strive for career and discipline.

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Prosperity in intimacy and transformation. Strive for self-improvement and education. Prosperity in romance and partnerships. Strive for intimacy and desire. Prosperity in health and work. Strive for love and commitment. Prosperity in confidence and creativity. Strive for mental health and nutrition. Prosperity in home and emotionality.

Strive for joy and worthiness. Prosperity in positive thinking and socialization. Strive for emotional safety and family. Prosperity in finances and security. Strive for communication and critical thinking. Prosperity in identity and worthiness. Strive for financial security and values. Prosperity in spirituality and closure. Strive for personal growth and authenticity. Prosperity in friendships and community.

Aquarius: Your daily horoscope - May 15

Strive for spirituality and surrender. Prosperity in career and responsibilities. Strive for activism and friendship. More From Astrology.


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