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In November , Mr. He is also apopular speaker at various social and business functions especially in bothCanada and U. In October , Mr. Sign In.

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Was it soccer? Or was it the insatiable urge to drive your parentsinsane? Well, for one particular child, his passion was one that would either render you in awe, or liftyour eyebrows in wonderment. The sunshine literally feeds your spirit, which means you need to head somewhere hot at least a few times a year. Along with basking on the beach, you need a few things to do as well. Your star sign is playful, colourful and quite dramatic at times: you need to be centre of attention. Your ideal travel companions would be other fire signs; so fellow Leos, along with Saggitarius and Aries travellers.

Chinese New Year - Date, Holidays, Animal - Karmaweather

Where to go: The vibrant colourscapes of India are like catnip for you Mumbai is a Leo-ruled city. Also consider Los Angeles — the Hollywood dynasty is strongly Leo-orientated — or places such as Cuba and Colombia, that are brimming with sunshine, salsa and rum in roughly equal measure. Your planet is Mercury, which represents the mind, and you're also one of the Earth signs. This means a back-to-nature theme may play well for you. Sally Kirkman, from the UK, pictured has inspired travellers with a list of destinations that might appeal to the character of their zodiac signs.

You enjoy going off camping, or seeking out places of solace that offer degree of head space, away from the hustle of modern life.


Your star sign is linked to the health and body, so anything with a wellness angle, like a yoga retreat, will bring you satisfaction. In addition, every Virgo has a strong romantic streak; you're naturally drawn to classical, expressive destinations such as France and Greece. Organisation is a key theme for you, as well: group travel would be great, as you like to know what you're doing when.

Where to go: Delve into the rich artistic heritage of France, or find solitude off-grid in Norway or Nepal. Mindful yoga in Tuscany, meanwhile, will nourish both your romantic and health-conscious tendencies. As one of the social air signs, you get your energy from others — you really enjoy having people around you to chat to and share experiences with. Your star sign is ruled by Venus, meaning you have a deep-rooted appreciation of art and beauty. City breaks are a great option for you; they'll give you a chance to taste different cultures, and get under the skin of a place via exhibitions, performances and so on.

And since you're such a social soul, you love getting to know new communities; the people of another country will often fascinate you as much as the country itself. For travelling companions, look to other air signs, including Gemini, Aquarius and fellow Librans. Where to go: Steeped in cultural legacy, Japan is closely associated with the star sign Libra. Austria, and in particular Vienna, is a very Libran place as well. Also pop Vietnam on your wish list, to explore dazzling cities, temple kingdoms and remote hillside communities. One of the emotional water signs, Scorpio is associated with deep water.

There's an intensity and passion about you which means you love places with a hint of mystery or elusiveness. For a great adventure, you seek destinations where you can peer into the unknown, or solve intriguing puzzles: it's simply part of your nature. New Orleans, home to eclectic jazz and voodoo vibes, is very much your yen.

An independent spirit, you're happy to enjoy a holiday alone, at least some of the time. But if you do team up with anyone, fellow watery types — Cancer, Pisces and Scorpios like you — will suit you best. Where to go: Marvellous Morocco is Scorpio ruled, and it really taps into your lure towards the exotic, with hidden souks and hazy mountain trails.

Where should you travel next, according to your zodiac sign?

Also look to Myanmar or Ecuador for your off-radar kicks. Traveller type: Ultimate wanderluster. Congratulations — you are THE traveller and explorer of the Zodiac, with big planet Jupiter as your ruler driving a need for global connections. Exploring the world is something that strongly appeals to your gregarious, outward-looking nature.

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You love the roaming freedom of travel and naturally resist boundaries. You just want to explore, so big, bucket-list trips should be right in your crosshairs. There is a side to your nature that is a real hedonist, too: you can have a lot of fun letting your hair down, and you'll probably be seeking out a party whenever you are in the world. Australia also beckons: perhaps with a camper van trip into the outback? And Peru, offering party cities and far-flung peaks, should not be overlooked. Your star sign symbol is the mountain goat, and that gives you a real clue as to what you might like doing on holiday.

As a Capricorn, you could be a really enthusiastic mountain trekker, with alpine peaks providing the kind of big perspective you hanker after. A trip into the wild will also help curb your reputation as the workaholic of the Zodiac, providing some much-needed downtime. You tend to go at a slow pace, which is what you'll really enjoy on holiday; you'll be able to slow down and pull back.

When pressed by host Reshmi Nair about voting against a motion to double the number of dedicated spaces for youth at community centres and libraries, Tory attributed such proposals to purely politics. The seminal Roots of Youth Violence report commissioned by the province emphasizes the importance of safe spaces and access to recreation for youth. City staff have backed up the need for such spaces in Toronto, documenting the immense popularity of the city-run sites and their ability to attract young people just by being open.

Matlow included a plan to double the number of spaces in his platform for re-election as the Toronto—St. Still, in the midst of a difficult budget year with a continued push by the mayor to not raise property taxes above the rate of inflation, Tory and a majority of councillors rejected the plan in a 8 to 17 vote. Council approved funding for two previously planned hubs in the Thorncliffe and Parliament St. Bill Sinclair, executive director of St. We are not in receipt of the money we need from the feds to help with that as yet. But we're still working on that. The anti-gun violence plan relied entirely on funding from other levels of government when it was approved by council in July Goodale suggested that the new policy measures, under consideration since before Christmas, were close to being announced, putting the issue front and centre in the fall federal election.

The latest Toronto police statistics, updated Tuesday, provide mixed messages about gun violence in the city in Year-to-date fatal shootings are at a three-year low, and are significantly down from last year; there have been 19 gun deaths so far this year, compared to 30 this time last year, 23 in and 26 in Overall homicides, too, are down dramatically from last year. But gun-related injuries are at a more than year high. So far this year, people have been injured in a shooting, compared to this time last year, 96 year-to-date in and 92 in So far this year, there have been occurrences, up from this time last year and in