Horoscope of 9 january

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)
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This symbolizes that you are in a flattering spotlight, which makes bosses, parents and VIPs admire you. Obviously, you can use this to your advantage! Ya think? Travel and a chance to discover new things appeals to you now because you want to do anything that broadens your experience of the world.


You want to see new places, meet new faces and learn new ideas! Give yourself a chance to do this. With the Sun opposite your sign, your focus on close friendships and partnerships is fine-tuned. This is why this is the best time of the year to learn more about your style of relating to those who are closest to you.

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It also means you need more rest and more sleep. Not only do you want to be productive, you want to be productive with the least amount of effort. You want to work smart. Get out and have a good time! Enjoy the company of children. Romantic relationships are more lighthearted. Relax and just be yourself! Home repairs might also require your attention. Certainly, family discussions are taking place.


This is where you need to be. Accept the fact that your daily world is accelerating now because of the increasing demands of short trips, errands, tasks, conversations with others and time spent with siblings, neighbours and relatives. Yes, you have a lot on your plate! In addition, you might be studying and reading more than usual.

Birthday Horoscope January 9th Capricorn, Persanal Horoscope for Birthdate January

This is a good time to reflect upon your values and what really matters. This is because you are more focused on money and property at this time. When you think of your possessions — do they serve your needs or do you serve theirs?

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Sometimes what we own is an albatross. Remember to use this time recharge your energies for the coming year. Take advantage of the fact that you can attract people and favourable circumstances to you because there are four planets in Capricorn right now. It shows that even though you do quite well as an individual, you can contribute a great deal to group dynamics.

You can get ultimate fulfillment working in a team. The fact that you have a January 9 birthday means that you are under the strong influence of the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp. Cuspers in this category have a lot going for them. For example, you have the ability to understand issues in their entirety. Your astrological chart shows that the influence of the Cusp of Prophecy goes deep in your life. It has created a kind of harmony that enables you to balance both family and career impeccably.

What this means is that it is quite easy for you to make a significant breakthrough, both financially and in your personal life. However, the influence of both Sagittarius and Capricorn on your life has created in you a streak of impatience!

January 9 Zodiac – Complete Birthday Horoscope Personality

You expect things to go your way always. When this does not happen, you become either disappointed or antagonistic. You need to appreciate that you cannot control everything! The charts are clear on the fact that you are both romantic and dependable. Also, you seek out people with whom you share these qualities. This means you can easily win the heart of a fellow Capricorn since you do share many traits! You like partners who are reliable and intelligent. When you get the right partner, you can commit for a lifetime.

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  • It is noteworthy, though, that you do not rush to get into relationships. You bid your time, carefully studying your potential partner to evaluate their suitability. In fact, you prefer to focus on other spheres of your life instead of rushing into a relationship. For this reason, your moves tend to be unpredictable. People are unable to guess correctly when you will commit.

    But, the stars alignment shows that you are likely to settle down with a Virgo or Taurus. You share a great deal with these individuals. As love matters go, my advice to you is to avoid a Sagittarius partner as much as you can. Your horoscope shows that you are least compatible with these individuals. You come across as a well-motivated, caring soul.

    You have an inborn quality to provide leadership whenever called upon. It is no wonder, then, that you end up rising fast in the corporate environment. People admire you for your humility. This, coupled with your wisdom, has made you into the darling of your family members and colleagues alike.

    Your Astrological Chart Cusp

    You need to create time to meditate and rediscover yourself. This is because you tend to be a workaholic. You are a likely candidate for burnout if you do not take steps to forestall this.

    Find a peaceful and tranquil place where you can hibernate for retreat. Those born on January 9 easily see the big picture. To you, life is an opportunity that should never be let slip by. However, you often fail to connect the reality with what you actually ought to achieve. Your high level of responsibility ensures that you take good care of your family.

    You are present to offer guidance and support when they need it. In fact, you would rather spend time with your family than go out to have a good time. However, you need to be wary of a few shortcomings in your life. For one, you need to re-focus your life to the right endeavors. You often spend a lot of time and energy dealing with none issues. Also, try to be more outgoing and optimistic. Avoid being caught in dark thoughts that will ruin your chance of enjoying what life has to offer.